Application Guidelines for CrossXcross Global Business Challenge 2020 (CXCX2020)

Application Guidelines for CrossXcross Global Business Challenge 2020 (CXCX2020)


Sending selected participants in crossXcross workshops, who have performed excellent activities, to Bangkok, Thailand to interact with local university students and entrepreneurs, in order to refine our entrepreneurship from a global perspective, deepen our understanding of the SDGs, and strengthen communication skill.

Qualification requirements

Selected from participants in CrossXCross 2019 (regardless of students or not)

Application period

December 23, 2019-January 10, 2020 (noon)

Selection announcement

January 17, 2020, 15:00 Geiot website (Selected individuals will be contacted individually)

Application method

Download the following file template from (link to GoogleDrive. You can also use the QR code on the right), fill it in, and submit it as an attached file via email or a dedicated web page please. In all cases, be sure to write “CXC2020 Global Challenge Application” in the subject line.

  1. Business plan (application form I / II)
  2. Business idea canvas
  3. Pitch (presentation) abstract (within 6 slides)
  • Send by email to:, or
  • Submit at geiot-comm site: Attach the file to the message to the group CXCXC2020 on the community site Geiot-Comm ( ) * Login to Geiot-comm is required
  • Documents submitted in Japanese will be accepted, but if accepted, an English version will be requested later. All actual events will be held in English

Notes on creating application contents

  • Only one application per person can be accepted.
  • Basically, the application is made on an individual basis. Team proposals are also accepted, but travel expenses supported is provided to only one person (additional members can participate at their own expense).
  • Multiple persons who participated in the same team at CXC are allowed to apply individually. However, please add your own ideas to the originally proposed plan. It will be reviewed individually as similar proposals.
    • All applications that are considered to be completely identical will not be selected.
    • Participants cannot be changed after adoption if they are deemed unfair.
  • The business plan is not limited to the one created during the CXC workshop, but it can be new and original.
  • The university will cover the airfare for round trips to the site, hotel accommodation fee, and program activity costs, up to the prescribed amount. Self-pay costs are as follows: Overseas travel insurance enrollment costs (be sure to enroll), passport / visa acquisition costs (if required), personal expenses such as local meals (at exchange meetings, etc.)

CrossXCross グローバルビジネスチャレンジ2020募集要項




                 CrossXCross 2019年度受講者(学生・社会人を問いません.一日だけの参加でも資格を認めます)




                 2020年1月17日15:00 Geiotホームページ(選抜決定者には個別に連絡します)



  1. ビジネスプラン(応募フォームI/II)
  2. ビジネスアイデアキャンバス
  3. ピッチ(プレゼン)のアブストラクト(スライド6枚以内)
  • メール送付先: にファイルを添付して送信
  • Webでの提出先: コミュニティサイトGeiot-Comm のグループCXCXC2020へのメッセージにファイルを添付してください(※Geiot-commへのログインが必要です
  • 提出書類は日本語でも受け付けますが、採択された場合、あらためて英語版の提出を求めます.当日の発表等はすべて英語となります


  • 応募は1人1件のみ受け付けます.
  • 基本的に個人単位での応募となります.チームでの提案も受け付けますが、渡航費は1名分のみのサポートとなります(追加メンバーの自費参加は可能です).
  • CXC参加時に同一チームで創発したアイデアを用いて複数の人物が応募することを認めます.ただし、その場合の提案プランには独自の工夫を附加してください.類似した別提案として個別に審査します.
    • 完全に同一内容とみなされる応募は,そのすべてを選考対象外とします.
    • 不公正とみなされる場合には採択後の参加者変更などを認めない場合があります.
  • ビジネスプランはCXCワークショップ中に創発されたものに限らず、オリジナルでも構いません.
  • 現地までの往復の航空運賃(国内空港使用料、海外空港税、航空保険料含む)、ホテル宿泊費、プログラム活動費については規定額を上限に大学が負担します。自己負担となる費用は以下のとおり:海外旅行保険加入費用(必ず加入してください)、パスポート・ビザ取得費用(未取得者)、現地での食事代など個人的な費用(交流会等での飲食費含む)