Kyushu Univ. Program: Multinational Multi-University Venture Life Challenge2022のご案内

We are announcing the internship program at a start-up company hosted by Kyushu University QREC (Robert Huang/Entrepreneurship Center).
Support for transportation and accommodation will be provided. The number of applicants is limited to 20 in total, so please hurry to apply if you wish to participate.

1.Schedule:  August 8, 2022 (Monday) ~ September 2 (Friday)

     Overall Program
       ・August 22 (Monday) 15:00~18:00 Gather Overall Kick off Seminar / Ice Break
       ・September 2 (Friday) 13:30~17:30 Final Presentation and Reflection
          * Venues are all being arranged near Tenjin Team Program

      Team Program
       ・August 23 (Tuesday)~September 2 (Friday) Morning: Fieldwork in Companies / Institutions
          * Free time on the weekend of August 27 (Saturday) and 28 (Sunday)

2.Venue:  Overall program: being arranged near Tenjin
         Team Program: Location specified by the host company or institution

3.Eligibility :  Japanese and International Students
          EDGE-NEXT IDEA Consortium participating schools (lead institutions, collaborative institutions, cooperating
          institutions) Kyushu University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Osaka Metropolitan University,
                          Ritsumeikan University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan University of Economics

4.Number of applicants :  About 20 people * If there are so many applications, a lottery will be held.  

5.Program outline:   A PBL-type program in which mixed, multinational teams of students from different nationalities,
                universities, and majors work together to solve fundamental management problems presented 
                by companies that maintain a strong spirit of seeking innovation.     

6.Team formation:  Teams should be diverse in terms of nationality, university affiliation, and major. It depends on the
                   number of participants, but each team should have a maximum of four members.
                                   * Teams will be formed in consideration of wishes of the participating students.

7.Language:   In principle, communication among students will be in English.      

8.Required expenses: Participants will bear expenses for any arising Transportation, Accommodation, Meal by themselves
                      * Participants from outside Fukuoka Prefecture will be subsidized for round-trip transportation  
                                       between their residence and Fukuoka (actual cost settlement) and accommodation. Commuting and
                                       meal expenses are borne by participants. are borne by participants.

        <About Accommodation>
         ■Accommodation will be in Fukuoka City (tentative)
         ■For accommodation arrangement (by your own or by Kyushu University), we will provide details later

9.Application method:   Students should apply directly to Robert T.Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University
                         (QREC) at the link below.

                           ■ Google Application form:

                           【Application details at Google application form】*For Japanese students, fill in Japanese and English.
                            ①Basic Information: Name, affiliation, major, contact information (TEL), e-mail, company / institution
                               you wish to participate, profile photo
                            ②Self-promotion: Self-introduction, qualified skills / special skills, motivation for participation,
                               future career prospects, etc.  

10.Application deadline :   July 29, 2022 (Friday)

11. Other contact information:   There will be no salary paid for this internship.

The website of this QREC is as follows.
【Multinational Multi-University Venture Life Challenge2022】

  (English guide)

  (Japanese guide)

【Contact information】
* Please contact the division for Innovation Education( of Nara Institute of Science and Technology first.
 Robert T.Huang Entrepreneurship Center of Kyushu University
 Center Zone 5 7F, 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan
  TEL:092-802-6060 FAX:092-802-6065
   * In case of email inquiry, please include either below email address in CC
     Program details (Igarashi): Tel090-4220-9992
     Administrative procedure: Tel092-802-6060