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Application Guidelines (April 2022)

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Please refer to the materials and videos from the initial application in Fall 2021 for details on the content. Please note, however, that the target/number of applicants and the schedule in general are significantly different from the current recruitment.
PDF アイコン 2021 Briefing Materials Briefing Video (excerpt)

1. Purpose

This project aims to foster "innovative doctoral human resources" who can lead social innovation through problem-driven research in information science, bioscience, materials science, and their fusion areas by supporting activities (such as conducting of “research sprints,” etc.) for fostering competencies as innovative human resources.

2. Research fields to be supported

The field is not particularly limited, but research themes with a view to interdisciplinary fusion and innovation creation are preferred. Research activities with a view to interdisciplinary fusion and innovation creation will be supported in addition to the original doctoral dissertation research.

For examples of interdisciplinary research, refer to the following web pages:

3. Qualifications for application

Those who have been enrolled in the doctoral program of our university after October 1, 2021 and have excellent research ability and strong motivation for social innovation (see 9. for details of selection policy).

However, those who fall under any of the following (1) to (5) are not eligible.

(1) Students already selected to receive the Innovation Creation Fellowship based on “the Regulations on the Payment of University Fellowships for the Creation of Science and Technology Innovation” (Regulation No. 2 of 2021 Ordinance)

(2) Students employed as special researchers of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

(3) Students who receive an annual living expense equivalent of 2.4 million yen or more from the company to which they belong

(4) International students receiving support from Japan's government-sponsored foreign student system

(5) International students receiving support such as scholarships from their home countries

4. Contents of support

As listed in each of the following items.

  1. A monthly research grant (for living expenses) of 165,000 yen will be provided.
  2. Research expenses of 400,000 yen or more (at maximum of 800,000 yen) for one year will be provided.
    The amount of research expenses for the first year will be decided based on the evaluation of research proposal described in the application form. For succeeding years, the annual report and the next year’s research plan are used for evaluation.
  3. Research support (such as career consultation by UEA, research consultation by URA, technical consultation by technical staff, and cross-disciplinary exchange events, etc.) will be provided.

5. Period of support

3 years at maximum. No payment will be made during the period of leave of absence.

6. Number of people to support

In the additional recruitment in April 2022, 2 students will be selected:

· D1 (enrolled in April 2022)       2 persons (36month)

7. Application period and application method

Application period: From April 11th (Monday) to April 18th (Monday) 12:00(noon), 2022

Application method: Send the submitted documents by email as follows.

Subject: Touch Stone application


8. Documents to be submitted

Application form (download from this page)

9. Evaluation points in the selection

  • Contents of the research project proposed in the application form:
    Research theme's academic superiority, feasibility for social contribution, strong orientation to cross-disciplinary or social innovation, and validity as a project
  • Evaluation of the applicant's appeal in the application form and assessment of his or her qualifications in an interview (conducted if necessary):
    Awareness of social purpose and problem solving, strong motivation for leadership, sharing of problem awareness with the academic supervisor
  • Academic ability and expertise

10. Selection and result notification

Selection will be based on screening of application documents by the review committee members and, if necessary, interviews. Applicants will be notified of the selection results in mid-April.

11. Obligations of support recipients

The following obligations will be imposed on the support recipients.

  1. Planning and implementing research sprints (short-term research projects) in each grade
  2. Participate in interdisciplinary exchange workshops for the purpose of career development, or plan and manage interdisciplinary exchange workshops in cooperation with other support recipients.
  3. Participate in seminars and results presentations planned for the entire program
  4. Report the results to the general project manager at the end of each grade. In the final month of the 1st and 2nd year, revise the research plan for the next academic year and submit the plan of the research sprint for the next year.
  5. Strive to participate in programs (research presentations, etc.) related to improving research capabilities conducted by universities.
  6. To carry out career development in either activities that emphasize social implementation (evaluation from an emergent perspective) or academic achievements (evaluation from an advanced perspective).