Zero to One Online Start-up Challenge 2020 Call for Application

Zero to One Online Start-up Challenge 2020 Call for Application


  1. Date: Saturday, September 26th, Sunday, September 27th, Sunday, October 4th
  1. Form of the program:  Zoom、Google Documents (Online)

*For this program, applicants are required to have their own access to the Internet.
*Participation as University units is acceptable. (It might be changed depending on the circumstances of COVID-19)

  1. Eligible applicants: Students in the university of EDGE-NEXT IDEA Consortium
  2. Capacity: About 35 people (5 people from each institute)
  3. Outline of the program

This is the PBL program in which team members determine the direction of business development. Participants will expand their base idea to include teambuilding and creating an online base leading to the final result.

Solicit business plans from university students in the IDEA consortium on our website.

・Day 1, start with ice-breaking time, then make small groups. (In break rooms online)
Each group includes the original proposer of the business plan.
They will lead the lively discussion of their idea. After that, we will compose 10 teams consisting of candidates.

・Day 2, Reviewing the outline plan of the initial business idea, UX design, MVP (dirty prototype).
Conduct customer feedback (initial feedback) for a week.

・The final day (Sunday, October 4th), Final presentation.
Investors will attend this presentation as an audience.

  1. Application:

  Original proposer of a business idea*(before Sept 2nd noon)
②  Participants (Not proposers of business ideas)  (before Sept 11th noon)

Apply for via

*Also required to upload the description of the business idea on YouTube by Monday, September 14th)

      7. Team organizing: Students' intentions will be respected.

Each team must consist of at least 4 members with a mix of the following; different nationalities, affiliate universities or different fields of study.

      8.  Used languages: Japanese and English (Team members will decide which language do they want to use.)

Instruction will be provided in Japanese and English (May depend on the characteristics of the students.)