crossXcross 2018 workshop - Round3

The 3rd round of the crossXcross workshops 2018: Asian Innovations based on Global Social Issues

Sat. Dec. 8th and Sat. Dec. 22nd, 14:00-18:00 (JST), at Osaka Innovation Hub, Japan

Main Organizer: Hajimu Iida, Professor, NAIST &  Kohei Ichikawa, Assoc. Professor, NAIST

Nara Institute of Science and Technology(NAIST)operates crossXcross (cross-by-cross: the entrepreneur cultivation program by multi-directional crossover PBL)  program as a part of "EDGE-next" funded by Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. crossXcross (Cross by Cross) aims to develop those who can keep pursuing difficult challenges by involving and collaborating with other people with different skills and personalities for realizing innovations.
In the 3rd round of crossXcross workshop, we will devise business ideas that will lead to innovations from Asian countries by addressing global social issues represented by SDGs together with local Thai people in cooperation with Kasetsart University. People who produce excellent ideas will be selected as a challenger for a business pitch contest at the final workshop scheduled to be held in Bangkok.

No specific experiences and skills are required!

  • Remote collaboration by interconnecting with the Internet.
  • The staff of NAIST will provide the information on the social issues.

[Date and time]

December 8 (Saturday), December 22 (Saturday) 14: 00 ~ 18: 00 (13:30 opening) ※ If you can not conveniently participate in only one day, absences will be allowed (follow-up will be made by groupware).


Students from Thailand (Kasetsart University) will also remotely participate.
Discuss issues in Asia or around the world, starting with the introduction of issues in their respective countries, and consider business and innovation opportunities addressing the issues.

[program]map for Osaka Innovation Hub

1st Day (Dec. 8th)

  • Briefing
    • Introduce of Social Issues related to SDGs
  • Workshop
    • Ice breaking
    • Brain storming
    • Highlight and selecting ideas
  • Presentation and Teaming
    • Presentations of the best ideas
    • Teaming

2nd Day (Dec. 22nd)

  • Briefing
    • Business planning
  • Workshop
    • Enhancing ideas
    • Planning business plans
  • Presentation
    • Preparing presentations
    • Presentation of the business ideas

* Participating only either one will be also accepted (If there are many applicants, those who attend the both workshops will have priority).
We will follow up absentees with some groupware.

Invited talk:

Papon Yongpisanpop (Ph.D.)Papon Yongpisanpop (Ph.D.)

CTO, SmartSoftAsia Co., Ltd.
Consultant, 23 Perspective Co., Ltd.
Former Sr. Analyst, Accenture Thailand Co., Ltd

“More than 8 years experiences from overseas and Thailand, I help
businesses and academics find insights by reduce data interaction
complexity, increase processing speed, real time analytic, and enhance
mission-critical applications with deep intelligence and advance analytic



Osaka Innovation Hub (Granfront Osaka)
Address: No. 3 No. 1 Omocho, Kita-ku Osaka 530-0011 Granfront Osaka Knowledge Capital Tower C 7F
map for Osaka Innovation Hub: on the right part of this page


[Organizer] Nara Institute of Science and Technology

[Co-organizer] Osaka Innovation Hub

[For more information] Pleasse ask to secretariat office by email  (geiot-contact @

奈良先端科学技術大学院大学(NAIST)では、九州大学、立命館大学、大阪府立大学との連携(「多様性と創造的協働に基づくアントレプレナー育成プログラム (IDEA: Innovation x Diversity x Entrepreneurship Education Alliance)」コンソーシアム)して、文部科学省・次世代アントレプレナー育成促進事業(EDGE-next)に応募し、採択されました。


本事業は、多様性と創造的協働に基づくアントレプレナー育成プログラム (IDEA: Innovation x Diversity x Entrepreneurship Education Alliance)の一部として奈良先端科学技術大学院大学が実施します。IDEAコンソーシアム(九州大学×立命館大学×奈良先端科学技術大学院大学×大阪府立大学)全体の情報はIDEAのHP(九州大学のサイト)をご覧ください